Stove Installations, Maintenance & Fuel Supply

Stove Installations, Maintenance & Fuel Supply

Welcome To Wood Burning Installations

Wood Burning Installations are a wood burning stove installation specialist, based in West Calder, West Lothian. Wood Burning Installations also provide ongoing maintenance, as well as the fuel for your Stove.

What is it about a the thought of a wood burning stove which attracts you?

The look? The flickering light? The warmth?  The comfort? The smell of the wood and smoke?

What’s stopping you from having one?

  • Knowing which stove to get – what style, what size, which make?
  • What’s needed to get it installed and working?
  • How to keep it running well?
  • Where does the fuel come from?

We can answer all of your questions. And more.

From the practicalities of where to put your stove, how to get it, to the actual installation and commissioning , we can do it for you.

We can supply everything, including your fuel, on an on-going basis.

All you need is the match!

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